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Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas

Alternative to the Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Thinking of getting married in Las Vegas but you don’t want to do it in one of the Out Dated and Run Down Las Vegas Chapels or the Over Priced Hotel Chapels. Then get married at one of the Iconic Las Vegas Strip Locations like the Las Vegas Sign or at a beautiful lake like Tule Springs. There are also many locations around the Las Vegas Valley that also offer great wedding locations such as Valley of Fire, Eldorado Canyon Mine Tours or Pahrump Valley Winery. All of these locations offer great opportunity to get awesome pictures for your special day. You want to hire a good photographer for your special day and you want to see work from that photographer and you want to make sure they are familiar with the location of your wedding.

Trey Tomsik

A Profesional Photographer specializing in outdoor Photography for over 25 years. Trey Tomsik was born and raised in Las Vegas and enjoys spending all his time in the beautiful outdoors of this Wonderful World we live in. With over 10 years specializing in outdoor Wedding Photography around the Las Vegas Valley and Destination Weddings in places like Hawaii, Costa Rico and Florida, Trey Tomsik has the Experience, Knowledge, Professionalism and a great photographic eye to give you the best wedding photographs and wedding photography experience that you will find in Las Vegas. If you are looking for an All-Inclusive wedding package please visit Scenic Las Vegas Weddings  Which is owned and operated by Trey and his wife Melissa Tomsik.

So if you are going to get married in Las Vegas look around to all the great alternatives that Las Vegas has to offer and make sure you see a portfolio of the wedding photographer and reviews of any company that you may choose to use for your Wedding and Photography. Good Luck and have a Beautiful time while in Las Vegas.



Valley of Fire Weddings

Wedding Photography at Valley of Fire

The land has a timeless, indestructible look that is misleading. Most of the formations at Valley of Fire are made of soft red sandstone deposited 150 million years ago. Much later, groundwater began to dissolve the underlying salt deposits. The sandstone domes collapsed and weathered into a maze of vertical rock slabs and mountains that were then carved and shaped by eons of weathering and erosion into the Beautiful Peaks and Majestic Valleys of the Valley of Fire. Even the ancient indians found the area to be sacred as seen in petroglyphs through out the park.

One of the most beautiful and unique locations to have a wedding or photo shoot at, Valley of Fire offer stunning back drops with spectacular sunsets. Which gives a professional photographer a great opportunity to shoot a variety of styles from silhouettes, sunset shots,  close ups and landscape portraits. You can’t go wrong choosing Valley of Fire for your wedding or photo shoot.